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Inspired by the relationship in the paper sector in Turkey for the first time performing the kaolin production Ahmet Onat; As the founding owner of Mikro Mineral (Calcium Carbonate production) in 1997, he has also mastered sectors such as Paint, Plastic and Rubber. Her daughter Aslı Onat started her career in Micro Mineral in 2003 and reached her childhood dream. In 2007, a new initiative was made by establishing a partnership with a world giant company. Unfortunately, Ahmet Onat passed away on March 25, 2008. After this sad event, all shares were transferred to the foreign partner. In December 2009, Aslı Onat decided to improve her past experiences; Together with his brother Koray Onat, a student of Sabancı University Materials Engineering, they took over the Nanokim Kimya company.